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ControlMyNikon Pro Crack

ControlMyNikon Crack  Connect your Nikon DSLR to your PC and experience new ways to capture images. Macro photography, timelapse, stop motion, HDR, long exposures, portrait sessions, product, and laboratory sessions just got a lot easier.

ControlMyNikon Pro Crack


ControlMyNikon Crack can handle simple remote control of your camera to complex technical shoots. Originally created to shoot bettter flower images. it found it’s way into studios, movie sets, laboratories, hospitals, museums, schools, marketing firms as well as backyards. It has become a standard worldwide. This was unexpected. And wonderful.


Support for barcode scanners, motorized rails, 3D Controllers, control by external apps and many ways to trigger the shutter makes your technical shoot easier. Think scanning a product barcode before shooting with the data embedded in folder and filenames and metadata. Or accurately framing and focusing an artifact on your computer monitor instead of the tiny camera LCD.


Backyard birds, hobbies as well as family shots can all benefit from ControlMyNikon’s Pro features. It can even figure out which cat isn’t using the litter box. The setup: ControlMyNikon with live view motion trigger and high ISO in the middle of the night. Perpetrator identified. Cat not pleased. This really happened. So tether away, and have fun!

ControlMyNikon Pro Crack also supports Nikon’s elite Capture NX photo-editing app (optional), as well as the Vision NX browser and app viewer. Macro, time-lapse, stop motion, HDR, video extensions, demo sessions, product and event stores make the group easy. ControlMyNikon keygen fill is a smart Nikon DSLR capture software that helps you store images right from your table. Consider having to look at a line of industrial products before shooting with the information attached to files, filenames and metadata Support for barcode scanners, engine guide, 3D control, external application control, and many closed release methods facilitating gun technology.

ControlMyNikon Crack Consider exploring a barcode product before capturing and merging data into a file with file names and metadata. Or set up and direct these important things on a monitor computer rather than a small LCD camera. Backyard birds, hobbies, and family movies can all benefit from ControlMyNikon Pro. He can also determine which cat is not using the litter box. Set up: ControlMyNikon with realistic provocative delivery and high ISO at midnight. Defendant is identified. The cat does not like. It just happened.


ControlMyNikon Pro Crack

Features of ControlMyNikon Free Download

  • Adjust camera settings via an easy to use interface on the computer monitor rather than the tiny LCD display on the camera.
  • Using your keyboard, mouse or voice, command the camera to capture an image. The camera sends the image to the computer where you can review it on the monitor. ControlMyNikon comes with a built-in image viewer that shows the image histogram so you can see if there are any blown out highlights or shadows.
  • Handhold the camera, shoot, and have the resulting images displayed on the computer monitor for others to see. No more trying to show others what you just shot on that tiny camera LCD display!
  • See your camera’s Live View display on your computer monitor. This is great for reviewing composition and especially for macro shots. Imagine being able to see the Live View image full-screen on your computer monitor, and then zoom in further to ensure you have that perfect focus for a tack-sharp image. Automated focus stacking included!
  • Store captured image files immediately on your computer and automatically copy them to another folder as an archive. No more plugging in memory cards or separate image transfer sessions!
  • Save your camera settings as a profile. For example, you could have separate profiles for ‘Macro’ and ‘Portrait’. Just load a profile and your camera settings are automatically adjusted.
  • Did we mention voice control? Just configure Windows Speech Recognition, put on a headset with a boom microphone and command the camera to capture an image. This is a huge time-saver if you don’t have an assistant to adjust lighting or composition.
  • Timelapses – Use the advanced intervalometer to create a series of timelapse images or video clips. You can even set a start and stop time and chain it with the bracketing function.
  • HDR – Use the full-featured bracketing function to capture great HDR sequences. You can even chain the intervalometer to bracketing to create timelapse HDR sequences!
  • Easy white balance calibration. Use any white or gray card to ensure that your color balance is always correct.

How to install?

  1. Download the ControlMyNikon Crack file.
  2. Run the setup file.
  3. Install the program.
  4. Enjoy.

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